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Possible zs_urbandecay remake? =)

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i remember seeing about what they did in L4D to make tension stuff.

Basically, some cars randomly placed that look like they were abandoned in a hurry, and they have headlights on.

the other thing was fog.

Maybe add some fire here and there or something =]

will you be able to go into any buildings or is it going to be a mainly outside sort of thing?

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i want the player to go into buildings too,(but i don't wanna add lots of props cause it will drop the fps!) like the hl2 deathmatch map ( i dont know what name it has ) ... yes, and maybe i'll add canals .. and an infected building , from which the zombies come (i shall put trigger_push so that humans won't get in! )

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By the way, in the first picture, (when i added bots), in the upper right corner, there are buildings, but they disappear.. how can i fix this? must i make another road to the right or left, so that the player doesn't see straight too much?

** : in the second picture, where you see those 2 cars, they are very shiny! The map has a light_envinroment. Should i add an env_sun, too? how can i fix that :/

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I added some cubemaps to the map, and then buildcubemaps in the console , but the objects are still shiny! When i put light on them, they look normal :/ .. About the problem with the building fading .. is that normal? what kind of optimization should i use here? should i make another street, so that the player doesn't look forward or what?

Ok, i solved the shiny thing ..i had the cubemaps placed and the console command run, but i forgot to restart the map, lol :/ ... i optimized the skybox, but it's still making the blocks fade ... and the skybox seems twisted..

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