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Skynet's Admin app again :)


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Server: MTA

Age: 22

Country: Hungary

Hello i am Adam 22 years old worked as a security but not anymore. This year i am going to a computer school that will teach me root administrator and also gives me qualification if i pass my exams at the end of the 2nd year. Well my plan is to get a place as a root administrator in a company or even in a bank heard that they earn a lot of money :)

As alredy some of you guys know me from 1 year ago you know i left the server because my PC was out of date and i couldnt stand that big lag. Now with my new PC config i am perma back to MrGreen :P. I have been playing MTA since 6 years started in littlewhitey then phrozenbyte and then here, I had some good skills wining a lot of races but for now i kinda lost them because of not playing 1 year with MTA. I was also admin here but alredy told why i left i just can hope that Ywa is not angry because of this.

Waiting the answers and bilding my skills back up for i have returned :D



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Supercool to see you back! You are the first one to upload a map from me to the server, I still thank you for that. :)

I can't imagine a SkyNet{HuN} not being admin, it's like thinking of a wrapped chocolate bar without chocolate in it... or a spicy girl without breasts... or a rainbow without colours... I'm sorry, TERRIBLE!!!

So yeah SkyNet{HuN} should be official admin again!

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Well i know i wont be chosen but just to know i am not inactive just my pc is broken and its is in service. i will be back when my pc is ok again.

Can you still go into IRC? :)
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Looks like I forgot to post in here:

Good luck, you're active again and deserve it imo!

Good luck again!

God, sorry for not leaving my post here D:

Thanks guys. Well yea I see a little chance all old MTA apps are closed except mine :D

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