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Castle contest!


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Alright, listen people! im not talking about other constructions here! build in singe player, or in your private server the castle you want! And i dont want too many parts next to each other. Its just one big basic castle construction! :rolleyes:Goodluck :rolleyes: You will have 3/4 weeks the time until im done with my vacation ;) Im gonna leave tomorrow morning! If the server's back online, you can also make it on the server! You have 3/4 weeks time! Again, goodluck

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zomb het is zwaar fuck up

cubby en pazer hebben ziek veel opgeblazen geen fackin idee hoe.

en het zijn fuck up hackers er zit een groot gat in de muur ik ben de server bijna zat zo kut is het :,(

This is an international board so talk English. And just PM zombitch if you want to give him a message instead of bumping topics.

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