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GPU fan going madness

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I was just gaming as normal. And then my fan made loud noise, and I was like: why don't you shut up already?! It's just sa:mp!


As you can see one of the GPU's stays the same because I disabled crossfire (due certain reasons). But what could cause the other GPU heating up so much in SA:MP (GTA San Andreas Multiplayer)? ** This also applies in other games like ME2 **

I give all my thumbs up to the golden tip. :P

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- Clean your PC

- Renew the thermal paste from your gpus

- Change the position from your PC for better airflow.

The ingame temps are ok...

Cleaning will be done. But if the temperatures are OK, why should I renew the thermal paste for it? I didn't know GPU's had thermal paste too (only CPU :o).

I'm not sure, but since those 2 GPU's are on top of each other (real close, I can't put any finger between them :P) I think the GPU beneath is covered with a pile of dust. I'm just not so sure what GPU is getting used right now and which one is getting warmer in HWMonitor.

And yes, I slap that fat bitch, but it won't listen.

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Look man it's summertime so they will probably run a little hotter then normal....

I'm guessing it's the upper card that is the hottest card?

Reason for this is because the cards are so close to each other it's sucking in hot air from the other gpu.... clean it and you should be fine!

82 degrees is quite normal for a gpu and won't do it that much harm.

Don't worry it's fine!

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I think you have a shitload of dust between the cards. Because i bet you only use the top one. And so there is almost no airflow to the GPU The best is just removing the GPU that you do not use. And remove all the dust on the GPU.

I actually think this is more of the problem right now. I cleaned it, and I do feel quite a difference, but I still wonder what would happen without that second not-used card which blocks zeh flow.

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Look man it's summertime so they will probably run a little hotter then normal....

It's been fucking raining for the past week...

It can still be hot while's it's raining.

Unless you are computering outside while it's raining. That would be funny!

Maybe he wants it to be dry and puts it next to a radiator

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You are worried for the 82 degrees it's sensing? That's not a problem for a GPU, though under running only GTA SA it should not get that much stress. But still 82 degrees is fine.

My old 9800GTX+ has now so much dust in it's cooler it easily gets 92 degrees sometimes.

If ur card really gets too hot it will shut itself down, that by meaning your whole systen, the GPU won't get suicidal.

Btw; did you update drivers recently? Because that could have made a different adjustment of the fan speed in certain games.

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