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Interesting Zombie Survival map idea today!

I am leaving behind the concrete cursed structures, the snow with oilrigs and forgotten wooden things and stepping to something more original and yet to be made:

I present you a good ol'rat based type of map for zs.

For those who arent familiar with rat maps its where you are seen as a really small person in a big house, person about the size of a mouse/rat.

Here is the basic layout.

I will be adding all a lovely bedroom needs such as, closet, bed, computer area, shelf, aquarium and such! So dont expect this simple design to stay as its just my rough template for me to work with.

I will start working on the proper map tomarrow morning and going to make the bed and make the light more decent to look at and more brighter.




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Last update for today, heading off to zs for the rest of the night.

Tomarrow I plan to add 2 more furniture pieces. Closet and some drawers maybe.. oh and the rat holes and stuff like that will be later. They will have mini furniture which will be the normal hl2 furniture :3











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Think about a child's bedroom.

They will have toys and rubbish.

Add a few lettered toy blocks which are laid out to spell your name. :lol:

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