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Ban Request

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Player (XanMs | penacos.com -- STEAM_0:1:10400295)

Reason (Microphone spamming, Insulting players ingame, Breaking the humans barricade Quote:"XanMs | penacos.com: HOW CAN I DESTROY BARICADE"

Evidence of Cade breaking

His only intent on the server is to grief. I hope he gets banned.

Anyone who can confirm this please do.

Edit: He's constantly greifing

My suggestion a permanent ban. He's a menace to the server and does not deserve to come back.

Note: He changed name and rejoined to avoid votemute his current name, however irritating is "SKATE IS FAGG".

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Yeah this kid was breaking the barricade on purpose and been abusive to other players


He also changed his name to SKATE IS A FAGG.

He's abusive and on caps lock all the time.

Mic spamming.

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Only 3 hours?

Damien, I know these type of players (When I was an admin I ran across quite a few of them)

They come to the server to do no good.

They're not regular players that join to play the game

They join to greif and grief only.

Only way to get rid of them is to permanently ban them (Or a very long ban).

He'll just come back. And grief again.

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