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Saints Row: The Third


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Saints Row: The Third

Holiday 2011

Some already heared about 'Saints Row' but still don't know what it is about!

Saints Row is an Third-Person, Open World game in which the player gets to see the most

craziest stuff you could ever add to a game! I don't know much about it either, but

'Sex, Crime & Ridiculous Brutallity' seem to be one of the main points of the game.

But I think the other trailers pretty much speak for themselvs and the game :D

Actual Gameplay

Tell us what you think about the game.

Whether you know the game already or you just saw the trailers the first time!

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Um... you're able to play a girl right?

Every game where you're able to make and play your own girl (not including girl-games) is awesam.

Looking at Mass Effect and Fallout you are right :D

I think you can play as a girl, but I am not really sure..

To me, this video seems to sum up SR3:

Haha, indeed Saints Row is pretty crazy :P

But they have even more crazy stuff, looking at the gameplay footage!

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Um... you're able to play a girl right?

I'm pretty sure that's possible. Was so in SR2, why should they change the customization.

(I bet you can't wait to strip the female bodies off of clothes, right?)

(Lol I would sure do that) :P

Nah I just like playing with a girl in a game that girls aren't expected to play, it just makes it much cooler and less boring.

However, I'm not sure this will be my favorite form of Saint's Row. It seems like a game that lets you have a lot of fun in free-roam, after you're done with the thrilling storyline. But I don't know how long the fun will last.

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Perhaps I'm going to download this. Reason: I played Saints Row 2, and it was fun, but it's too filled up with stupid humor. I did like the storyline, how one of your men gets killed and how you take revenge, but the rest can die.

I hate the stupid humor (like almost no clothes, or carsurfing?!, and the infinite ammo style. I might buy after I played my demo from TPB (and liked it a lot).

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