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Hackers? Minecraft server.


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We (RealisM faction) have a small base, with water all around it? chubbygon and panzer_hazz succeeded to blow the wall up, with water over it. There is an hack for that. Im not sure but i will take screenshots of it. Thanks and greetings, XxZomBitchxX

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I doubt chubbygon nor Panzer_hazz would have hacked. They both are great finland people :>

Oh and. Proof that there is hack like that. Sounds like it would need server hacking, which cant be done simply with programs.

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MiF logic.

People from Finland 100% of =/= hacker.

I lol'd *coughmifcough*

cough cough....

I know Chubbygon in real life, and Panzer_hazz is friend of chubbygon. They will not hack.

Oh and we have been... Praticing breaking into buildings/bases since faction wars started.

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Well actually i got it wrong, They use some kind of thrown tnt, the one moment he whas wielding it, then it flyed over our wall and destroyed the wall from the inside. Btw: No cannon whas used. A friend of a friend used it on another server. he whasnt moderater btw

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