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how to write expression in wire mod

Cake Muffin

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Look this may look boring but looks can be desieving. <_<

now first you have to go to a build server open the Q-menu...wait you already know that stuff :mellow:

go to the wire tab under wire gates you should see expression for imputs type Ranger

LESSION 101 in using expressions NEVER use lower-case letters no matter what

then skip the outputs and go to line one and put (befor i get ahead of myself i better tell you what expression your making its a fire expression so when somone walks infront of the ranger it will kill them depending on were you have the WIRE turret) the name is what you use to load,save,and delete the expression code the lable is what people see when they look at your expression. O.K now to the fun part writing the code ok for line one put in (always use If on every line you make code on)

If Ranger > 99 Fire 0

If Ranger < 100 Fire 1

ok the fire is the command to make the turret fire

ok now spawn a turret (right by the ranger) and then spawn a ranger scroll down to the bottom of the wire tab and click the wire tool then wire the turret to the expression and the expression to the ranger and VWOLA you wrote your first expression now use it abuse it but have fun and i know thats not how you spell VWOLA :D

If this is to hard for you to understand heres a visual tutorial to help http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/ho...ire-mod-160188/

>=greater than

<=less than

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