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Admins vs. Players

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Following on from the discussion in the shoutbox/irc about having a few rounds of Admins vs. Players on TF2, and the problem I could see with it is, are there enough admins who would be interested in it?

Sound off below for support/maggot-ness ladies.

Edit: This would be for any admin to participate in.

EditEdit: Players, we need 12 of you.

Admins: (12)

  • Darkstar
  • Clavus
  • Ywa
  • Corby
  • Cookie
  • Pufulet
  • Necrossin
  • CarPileUp
  • Boter
  • MrZunz
  • Grasshopper
  • BlueYoshi

Human sacrifices Players: (28)
  • Hundred2
  • Mathematic
  • Pannenkoek
  • Odi
  • Balmung
  • Iulian
  • Messy
  • Bastinator
  • Shoogoo
  • Lopata
  • Weo (Also a dirty brony)
  • Cake
  • Baron Baconeer
  • MiF
  • Mr.Darkness
  • Holy
  • Ahvo
  • Peon the sexpot
  • Kefeus
  • awesomeo_5000
  • Raptor
  • Xeim
  • Emra
  • Beetle
  • Hebulba
  • Luke Nukem
  • Ornom0n
  • Silver Dot

August 27 @ 08:00pm (GMT)

>>>>Player spots: FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.<<<<

Green Coins will be rewarded per round.

Server IP:

Password: adminpocalypse

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