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Guild Wars II- The Left 4 Green/ ProdigalSons Guild

Are you going to join the Guild?  

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  1. 1. Are you going to join the Guild?

    • Yes! I'm a legend in every way and want Left 4 Green to take over the internet!
    • I'm not sure! I'm slightly confused about everything, and need someone to help me sit down!
    • No! I'm an inescapably poor excuse for a Homo-Sapien, and refuse to join!
    • Yes! I didn't choose the first option, because I wanted to set a trend!

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Hey Greenies,

I'm sure a lot of you are already aware of the impending release of the game Guild Wars II. If not, then you really should look it up!

Anyway, seeing as the game is entirely team-work based, me and friends decided we should make a Guild to work together and get the most of the game. That's when we came up with the super idea of:

"Hey, how about we get those Feck's over at L4G to join in?!" An lo and behold, here we are.


Although the plan is poorly formed currently, we really are going for this. We'd love (and I mean LOVE) for as many of you guys to get involved as you can.

Even though Guild Wars II is gonna be an MMO, THERE IS NO SUBSCRIPTION FREE. (WoW Got pwned) E.g, you buy it, you get it. Simple stuff!

Me and my friends are (very soon) starting a video community called TheProdigalSons, so the name of the guild will be "The Progial Sons", but we'll post loads and loads of links to Left 4 Green, and organise events through this site. Because we love L4G.

There are a few issues we are going to need to address primarily: The guild needs officers.

And I know loads of you out there really want to be leaders of men, and this is your chance! Soon, with the help of the TopCrew, we'll set up a thread for officer applications, and you can get involved that way.

Seriously guys, we want to be the best on the server we choose. We don't just want to be good, not even great, we want to take over the world.

Let's rock and feck'n roll!

All my love,



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Oh wow I just got slightly interested in GW2...

I played the first GW but I don't like MMOs that much. Mainly because of their static combat and the insane amount of time they claim.

I think i will Fuck WoW and go to GW2 because of the massive underwater world they will have :D

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They're still fairly static if you compare it to actual 3rd person action games, but whatever. I might end up giving it a shot. In the end I did enjoy playing GW.

well i think thats cause there are too much data coming in if its an real action rpg like c9 or vindictus and that in an open world will end up laggy i bet^^ but actually i have no idea

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