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CSS Server - Why does no one care???

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I might be rather new to the forum, true.

However most people who play on the server know me as 'Raz0r'.

I'm now finally a 'top10' player and I have to say I really enjoy playing on your server.

However I am very very sad that there are not enough admins to take care of cheaters, spammers and so on...

Also you should really consider adding new maps, if you want I'll gladly help to find some intresting maps.

I've been surfing since christmas 04/05 when surfing literally was born..

Now that I finally found a combat-oriented surf-server, please don't let it go downhill :mellow:


- Raz

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Ive not seen anyone report a cheater in CSS for like 2-3 weeks atleast...

Exactly and I'm also often on IRC Surf channel. Use the "!report" command when you see a hacker so that all CSS admin will be informed. (Please only use the report command in case of hackers or massive spammers/flammers and not when people are spawnkilling and/or telecamping.)

In case that no one is taking care of a hacker problem, go to Mr. Green IRC channel and ask for help.

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