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When I encourage people to play LoL, they download the game and regret it after their first game. It happened to me as well. However, I try to make them play more games and eventually, they learn the game and enjoy it. I think it's an awesome game, and its FREE. There is so much to unlock, so many champions to learn, and so much to improve on. I think I can beat everyone at this forum in a one on one. (Mainly because almost noone plays it) It has a rating system, and I am among the top 3% players, wich I am proud of ;)

It's really a game to improve on. You won't even be half so good as me when you reached level 30 (= max), but you will be into this game. It's especially fun when you have some friends on TS ;)

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Well I'd like to ask then, can any of you lol gamers give a quick introduction to what to use against what and stuff =p

Depends if your looking on how to build a champion item/skill wise try using http://www.mobafire.com/ champion guides.It really helps untill you learn what items do what and better for who e.t.c

but to the very basics

prefixes to learn :

SS(or MIA):Champion is missing from their lane (you should say this if you dont know where the enemy is)

CC: Cround control (stuns,knockups etc)

AD: Attack Damage (you basic attack damage)

AP: Ability power (your spells damage)

AS: Attack speed (basic attack speed)

Crit(Critical damage): your % chance to deal (up to)100% of your AD

Mres/Magic Resistances: The anti AP (Reduces the effect of enemy AP)

Armour:The anti AD (Reduces the effect of enemy Ad)

other stuff:

In the ability description

Numbers with the colour

(white) = base damage

(Green) = AP

(orange)= AD

Casters champions need Ap to do damage, mana to cast spells (and maybe spellvamp to stay alive).

physical champions need Ad to do damage,crit to do extra damage,AS (and maybe lifesteal to stay alive).

Tanks need a mix of Mres and Armour to not die allowing them to get into the fight and be a threat and deal CC and gradual damage.

i.e As a tank if enemy has alot of AP you should get some magic res if enemy has Ad you get armour

But yeah use http://www.mobafire.com/ if your stuck on how to play a champion.

hope that helps.

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