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Twin Turbo on a HD6950

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About 2 weeks ago I changed my HD6950 reference cooler:


to an Arctic Cooling Twin Turbo Pro.

It is not officially supported. But how you can see, it fits 100%.

The cooler is absolutely silent. Even under load you can't hear it.

I'm getting about ~67°C (with unlocked shaders + oced to 900mhz/1300mhz @ 1,16V) under load (Furmark extreme burning mode + maxed out).

Idle temp is ~38°C.

Comparison between XFX reference cooler and twin turbo.


With only about 28€ this cooler is an absolute cost performance ratio winner for all silent and overclocking freaks!

The Twin Turbo is also compatible with a HD6970 because both PCBs (HD6950 and 6970) are exactly the same. You also don't have to buy the extra VR montage kit. Eveything you need is included.

So no need to buy the Arctic cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus. It's quite expensive and makes your GPU longer.

Questions? Ask :D

Pictures are made by me.

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looks like kinda noicy,im looking for new computer parts, but the bad thing is that most of the coolers and harddrives together make computer sound like a vuvuzela.

Nope. The cooler is unhearable. Even @ 100% it's silent. More fans on a GPU Cooler = more quiet (mostly).

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