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Stronghold Building Contest - 3rd of October


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UPDATE: The contest is now over! Thanks everyone who participated!

The contest map can be downloaded here.


On Monday, October 3rd, the Minecraft server will start a new map but this time in Creative mode! The Factions plugin will still be used to secure building sites. The contest will run until Sunday 9th.

The contest

Build the most adventure-worthy stronghold! A place which any adventurer wants to explore, fight battles, or solve puzzles in. Your creation will be judged on scale, detail, aesthetics, uniqueness, and adventure-worthiness. Bonus points for amazing redstone mechanics, environment detail, and anything else that'll make your structure more awesome.

The rules

  • Only claim Faction area that you require to build.
  • Do not interfere with the creations of other contestants in any way. It's best if everyone spreads out a bit so you have space to build.
  • You can work on the same structure with multiple people, but you'll have to split the prize.
  • Contest ends Sunday 9th of October at 23:59..
  • TO SUBMIT YOUR CREATION, reply to this topic.

Failing to follow any of these rules will get you disqualified and banned from the server for the remainder of the contest.

The prizes

1st place: A Steam game worth 40 euros and 10000 Green-Coins.

2nd place: A Steam game worth 20 euros and 5000 Green-Coins.

3rd place: A Steam game worth 10 euros and 1000 Green-Coins.

(for those who don't know, Green-Coins are a community currency that can be used on our MTA, TF2 and GMod servers)

Inspirational picturuzzz








Or watch the

(although I don't expect anything of that size).
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Let the map man, just download a multi-world plugin for PVP world and Creative world?

That might actually be a good idea, at the spawn there could be a sign to teleport to the creative mode world (I have seen this on other servers but not with creative mode) And the other people can still raid and build their bases on the factionwars server..

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