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Ban request for Billy Nye the Crystal Meth guy

Mr. Darkness

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Today he played quite a lot.

But not most of us payed attention on his reaction how someone comes behind him. Also no one payed attention on his massive headshots.

I got pissed off and made a video about that. His steam community profile: http://steamcommunit...m/id/CGxKKBtown

EDIT: I dont have a proof yet as the video aint get uploaded (the uploading page on youtube doesnt work :o).

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He changed his name to Philip Nye the Nazi Spy.

And wanted to make fools out of us asking random questions about the game. Like he is "new to it" and didnt do shit about cheating.

Any way, I shall call you to the server and try it yourselves.

Sorry for the retarded voice :V

I got pissed off really hard.

Skip to 0:30

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It's hard to see due to the lack of first person spectating, but the interesting thing is that he never shoots next to him, and that he only damages a particular body part,

Using a galil long range is bound to spray. In the video he gets shot completely in the torso, with a minimal ammount of bullets. Due to the recoil and spray shooting only the torso on that range is impossible.

I'd say that his aim snaps to the head/torso hitboxes.

@ box I was about to say that, but I waited for the video

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