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Ban request MineCraft


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A faction called BLUE have a cheat that they can open OUR doors on OUR terrain, how can they do that? I cant make a video because off then i get killed :mellow: and they can build on OUR land for some reason but what i already have told "The land is from US and they can build and open doors in it!" I hope you people do something with this and i hope they will get banned.

Server MineCraft.NL

Our faction: Mirror

They faction: Blue

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I cant say much, since i havent been on minecraft lately. Sounds bad tho.

Admins are going to need that proof, otherwise nothing is going to happen.

Btw. Sounds like you lost some power (you died) and they captured one of the chunks.

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If you get killed a lot you lose power (which auto-regenerates with 1 per 5 minutes for a person). If you have less power than amount of terrain claimed, they can steal terrain from you. Which is likely what happened. Type "f who" to see your current power / claimed / max power count.

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