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There was this announcement about a new server on GMoD for a mod, i think it was called Ragnarök?

This kind off questions the reason for making certain items in the Greenstore timed for TF2. I was told that there wasn't enough money so they had to make them timed, but since a new server was made do you guys need the timed restrictions for the Greenstore anymore?

I would understand having the Fast uber timed because it's so damned powerful but i don't see the reason to have the others timed. The ones that are not restricted are rarely useful or just for fun (exception being Styptic and Flying Doktor).

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I think i gain reasnoble amounts of GC from playing Arena. I never said the amounts of GC i have bothers me.

I don't mind if they increase the cost to 10.000 GC for 1 of the more stronger items it's just that the restriction makes them not so interesting anymore because they will be gone anyways.

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