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GMod SWEP pack

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I'm thinking of making one as a little side project. I just need a few good ideas for epic SWEPs. Post them if you have any. Just a few requirements:

* It has to be totally unrealistic and spectacular

* It needs to be epic

The name of the pack will be Aloeus Pack, named after the father of the giants that fought the gods in Greek mythology.

Already planned:

* Aloeus Javalin: a heavy duty sniper rifle that gives you an enormous kickback when fired. The effects of its projectile are still classified (read: not thought of yet).

* Aloeus Warhead: warhead which creates an temporary all-consuming black hole that pulls in all entities in the map

* Aloeus Lightstorm: rapid firing cannon that sends out light probes which independently send destructive lasers at nearby targets.

Needz moar ideas, post noaw. Some anime series are a pretty good source I noticed :V

NOTE: these weapons do not need to be balanced, only epic.

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Here is a really basic edit of the slugrifle i made. Effectivly is norecoil. When used with an aimbot, you get 154/156 headshots :D

Shots 2 bullets per click, is fully automatic and has 900 rounds per clip. Made it in about 2 seconds, but still :D

f SERVER then


SWEP.HoldType = "rpg"


if CLIENT then

SWEP.PrintName = "Raperifle"

SWEP.Author = "

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A hammer and a nail, liek, the crowbar that can nail enemies that are standing near walls

Edit: Or something :V

Too low on epicness level.

I demand a gun that fires bikes.

Now there's an idea. Just need to work out the details about what it does (obviously more than just firing physics props).

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how about a gun that fires tires and around the tires and dynamite so when it explode chris hansson will pop up and says ! "I like rape"


I would like a gun that fires a tire and a melon in the middle , a burning melon ! It would be nice if the projectile (the tire and mellon) would start with 0 speed, frozen in the air , and then accelerate ! Plus, it would be very nice if you could make a menu with players that you can toggle from the swep, choose target and shoot !

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How about a weapon/weapons along the line of the pie - cake war.

A gun that fires pie and cake (can switch between the two, maybe also fire both and same time) and can have changeable effects (or whatever) like they could explode in a nuke explosion or something.

or how about a gun made out of guns that fires guns?

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Sorry if this project is already dead (atleast im pretty much waking it up from grave, sorry.)

How about a gun that stops the time at certain area, and after some time relases it (straight down, would let you dodge grenades and stuff epicly)

So for example like in that scene on matrix, when neo stops the bullets in front of him and then drops em all down.

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I would like a gun that would shoot fired babies or gmans, and they would eat zombies. And there would be the ammo of those gmans or babies. 1 gman/baby bite takes 2 hp.

It will be some kinda those things from half-life 1 (that u trow and they eat the enemy, and can eat you). The model by which you will shoot gmans or babies will be AWP. (get it? :o)

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