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Clanban ( !!! ) Request

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They are all seth hackers.

They are all associated with the one who DDOSed Mr Green.

And I was threatened by this guy yesterday and today.

MrGreenZS: «ı[ıNı-ıG]ı»ÂCÂÂÂ: I know 90 of server crash's, how many do you know?

MrGreenZS: chocolate ninja [HUN]: how we can go inside ? :o

MrGreenZS: «ı[ıNı-ıG]ı»ÂCÂÂÂ: 0, as i though.

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: ya

MrGreenZS: «ı[ıNı-ıG]ı»ÂCÂÂÂ: Box if i invite you to chat would you join it.

: Tennis has joined #mrgreen.zs

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: nope

MrGreenZS: Goldon Fleeman, Brother in Arms: oh this is open..

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: hmm..

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: ok

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: I join

MrGreenZS: «ı[ıNı-ıG]ı»ÂCÂÂÂ: Im sure quin would be glad to meet you :P

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: oh he can go fuck himself.

MrGreenZS: Modifikator: Hai

MrGreenZS: Black & White: thx

MrGreenZS: «ı[ıNı-ıG]ı»ÂCÂÂÂ: Tip: Annoy quin and it seems your internet is gone for 5 minutes

MrGreenZS: B◼✘1@1: so that quin guy who ddosed mr green is gonna ddos me?

MrGreenZS: «ı[ıNı-ıG]ı»ÂCÂÂÂ: Maybe 1 is ddosable then if you go to other that can be ddosed aswell btw.

MrGreenZS: «ı[ıNı-ıG]ı»ÂCÂÂÂ: If he finds out

Here's a video of this guy treatening me yesterday, please pause to see messages.

This is the ddoser who he refers to as quin.

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Use Steam ID finder to link to their profiles.

Ive been usuing this, but checking trough 191 steam ID´s takes a while, im sick a, so I cant really to much. ( I am sick atm. my heads gonna explode soon )

ALso, multiple members admitted they are a hacker-clan, schock120 should have the chatlogs.

From my past admin experience I know, only 1 thing works here.

Steamcommunity Massban

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