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Mr. Green Gaming

And that's why they call it a ZOO...

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Sometimes even us Greenies need to go outside.

"Why, oh Peon, why? Why when I can stay inside and shoot zombies, slay dragons and make cocks out of cubes on Minecraft?" I hear you cry. Well son/daughter, the answer is simple:


I don't know who it was (And no, it wasn't Tsun Tzu) who came up with the concept of stealing animals from the wild, removing their sense of purpose and making them dance around, but they were a genius.

Allow me, if you will, to share some snapshots of mine and the good Doctor Minky's trip to the Zoo.

I'll add more in due time, but here's a vast selection to start off this whimsical journey of self-discovery, love and loss, and of course, a plastic gorilla.




(this is one of our favourites)



And, of course-


How can a love like this be wrong?

PS- Guy in white shirt is Peon... Minky is the dude with curly hair.

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