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Custom arena maps?


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Hello fellow Arena players.

I was wondering how many of you would like to have some custom arena maps on the Mr.Green Arena Server? Could start with the basic custom maps like King of the Hill maps re-done to fit arena, which would include viaduct, lakeside and harvest (valve y u not do dis). Could possibly add some really good custom maps, even if there are few.

Also a question for admins, what's the possibility of this happening? I asked Clavus but he didn't give me a clear answer, just a maybe, so could we get an more detailed respone on this now?

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As i said, there's probably re-done koth-exclusive maps that work in arena like Viaduct and Lakeside. And lighthouse is also good.

You could do mapvoting in a way that there has to be 3 rounds before the same map could be voted on again? For ex.

Badlands -> Granary

Can't pick Badlands again until you've played 2 more rounds.

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I don't think a mapvote is necessary. It's pretty good as it is.

As for adding new maps (and removing some?), I think it's a great idea. There has to be a super admin tool that allow to see which map people tend to bail out of. From my little eyes, I noticed that lumberyard tend to make people leave.

Harvest would make a great arena!

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Yeah, Harvest would be nice.

I actually saw a thread about this very issue on SPUF some days ago, I'm hopening it got through otherwise I might actually send an email to someone @Valve who deals with this stuff, they tend to hear out. About people leaving, i noticed that nearly half leave when watchtower starts then come back next map to fill it upp again.

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