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We want our base back.


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1: Our clan got banned for a fake statement that declares we hack trough walls. This has been proven wrong

2: We still got banned over nothing and lost our base becouse of that.

3: We have the right for our base back, AT LEAST becouse it's just too retarded that we got banned 3-4 per member days (myself 1 day)and it does not return to normal afterwards.

(For the people who are going to bitch about the cobblemonster: The most retarded rule in history has been written. Why is it so retarded? Becouse if you make a cobblestonen box and pour water over it, it's indestructable, not with cobblemonsters that is. Besides that, I would not have made a cobblemonster if I just had gotten me and my clan's base back.)

(For the people who are bitching about going through walls: It's called a teleporter. Put a trapdoor down, stand in it. Log in and out and you go up. I don't see the problem, all it does is save us some time instead of making a staircase.)

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1) You guys clearly broke the lava mountain rule

2) You personally have been acting like an incredible douche so far

3) I was told the ban incident was resolved last week, you can't keep on going about that

4) It's Faction Wars, people lose bases and rebuild all the time

This is the end of this discussion. Any more bitching and you're banned from both the server and this forum.

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