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Luke and Peon's Marvel film Extravaganza and discussion.

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Well where do I start? For a long time now we have been pondering on the idea of a marvel night with our fellow friends such as, Nomad_Outcast, Dr Minky and StuuxD. Tomorrow night we are about to put this plan into action, then spend countless hours watching films Stuart does not understand such as Thor. we came up with another Idea to bring a long another film but it had to be DC just to stir things up a bit and cause some arguments. Knowing Peon we are big Watchman fans so I will be putting them through a pain of watching something unknown to them for 2 hours, whilst we kick back and laugh at the fact the film talks truth about how our lives are today.

Moving on... we made this thread to give you fellow forum goers a chance to get your voice heard and for you lot to discuss your favorite Marvel films of all time. It has been hard choosing our favorite Marvel film as there are so many with great CGI and awesome story lines, but don't forget them chair gripping fights scenes which make you want to be a super hero like them or a very lucky rich bugger that has a father that left him a legacy to become the worlds most powerful man ( In my eyes )

So here goes nothing. Luke's favorite Marvel film would have to be Thor. The reason for my choice would be that it has great CGI and graphics when the opening scene brings up the realm of Asgard the home of Thor Odinson. Thor which is played by Chris Hemsworth is played really well. He allows his emotion to be heard through out the film and at times when it's needed most. He does this part justice, especially the fight scene when he goes down to Jotunheim to put the frost giants in their place as a way of making sure they know they had done wrong by breaking into the vault to steal the Frost artifact. Over all the film was worth paying for to see at the Imax and to buy on Blu-Ray. I would give this film a 10/10 for Scenery, acting and the fight scenes. Even though they could of been a few more.

On another note 2012 is going to be the big year for Marvel films, Yes that it right folks The Avengers. The film that has all of the Marvel Heroes we could ask for, Captain American, The Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Loki, Nick Furry then the rest of the other people that just play their parts like Pepper Potts.. LOHL!!

An update for Late 2011 and 2012 for new movie releases on DVD and Blu-Ray.

X-men First Class - 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger - 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - 2012

Marvel's The Avengers - 2012 *fap, fap, fap, fap*

The not very Amazing Spiderman..... Please... -_- - 2012

So guys discuss away. Feel free to post videos of your favorite trailers to prove your devoting love to your chosen hero. Remember this is a no hate thread and comments will be removed that we think are off topic or inappropriate. Just have fun and respect others choices.

Luke Nukem and TheLazyPeon <3

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As Luke mentioned, I love Watchmen and Batman, but these are DC. I love that DC are so dark and dismal, it's a great contrast to the sometimes whimsical style of Marvel.

However, I do feck'n love Marvel. There are so many Heroes to choose from, but I guess I'll narrow it down to three:

1. Iron Man- He's just awesome. In the movie and in the comics. It's Tony Stark that wins me over, Robert Downey Jr. Bleedin' amazing actor, Funny script and an amazing story, It becomes something shh-uper!

2. Spiderman- Obviously. He's a classic- and if someone did something more Arthouse with him, that'd be awesome. Seriously.

3. Wolverine- Look at those claws... And Hugh Jackman!

My favourite Marvel Film has to be...

Thor. It's just awesome. I think the story with the 9 realms has such scale and personality. Plus, it's got Natalie Portman.

Hope this helped- What do you guys love about Marvel?

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Blade: Trinity. I've never seen anything of it. But it's the theme in one of my favouritest hiphop songs:


The Fantastic Four. I've never seen anything of it. But Jessica Alba.



Kick-Ass. I've never seen anything of it. But I'm in limerence about Chloë. Especially with a purple Pageboy.


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