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Unban tonyhok


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Hello There!

I have a qeustion for u clavus.

I am banned from minecraft.nl, but I have no idea why I got banned.

Can you maybe unban me from minecraft.nl?

Please answer!

My minecraft name is: tonyhok

Corby have banned me and i dont no why?


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Dear Clavus.

I was playing minecraft on THE server minecraft.nl and i was reporter i dont know by who, but he sayed That i was speedhacking i even dont know what That is, and i remember the pc was lagging.

I swear this and my friendster xxexplosionzzxx was at my house at That moment and hè knows i was lagging

And also There is no clip That they recorded, so of i was speedhacking ( i did not) There is also no proof.

Pleas unban me dear clavus.

Username: tonyhok

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Well, an admin banned you, he will of got a warning that you were traveling unusually fast in the console and warped to you to check if you were or not. Can't really blag out of that if they caught you speed hacking and you're not admitting to it, unless they made a mistake which is quite unlikely

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Caught you speedhacking quite a long time ago now red-handed, so you were definitely hacking. Funny how even your friends have asked you to be unbanned and said you admit you were hacking and won't do it again, yet you come to the board and post that you didn't hack. Lol'd

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