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Another update to ZS is around the corner, and I think I'll be making this the last big one (yet I kept saying that the last few updates too). Anyway, feature suggestion time!

Currently in the works:

- Destructible props

- !rtd ammo reward is spread amongst all weapons

- Ability to toggle music off completely

- Different alternate fire for poison zomb

- Other things and fixes


- Forced headcrab to stop flying once it hits a target


- Added toxic fumes to zombie spawns

Admin things:

- Name tracker for people that keep changing names

If you have suggestions or comments on the current state of Mr. Green's Zombie Survival, post them now! They'll be taken into account.

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yep, i agree with roborobb...nerf the fast crabs ..(lower their damage). by 10-20% lets say. Oh and, make an IF for the +25 hp on !rtd. See if the player has hp equal to 100 , then remove this chance. :P Oh and ,if you can ..add shell power to the hud ..it would be useful to see how much armor you ve got left. thanks.

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i'm curious, you gotta decompile the map , put the toxic area and then recompile it? or you just insert the parameters into the lua file and it automatically creates a brush sort of thing?

Toxic fumes are placed at every zombie spawn

I think you should make the props way stronger, because now zombies can destroy them way to fast. Now making a barricade won't have that much effect. :)

Still need to play-test myself.

i think toxic fumes should get a nerf by -50% damage.

5 damage a second for each fume source. If you jump right between them you're fucked. Don't go near it!

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Hmmm... What to add to zombie survival...

Hmmm... How about Toxic gasses around the spawns... hmmm... How about making props break... How about making poison zombies throw meat... I wonder how i thought up ALL these ideas all by myself!




40 toxic gasses all at once. Lagfest ftw!

You seem to have many ideas of your own, Clavus

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