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Halo CE Anniversary


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Hi guys :)

As you probably know, Halo Anniversary will be released on Tuesday, 15th (I don't want to make some jealous people, but I got it today before everyone muahaha :V ), and I though that Halo fans could gather here to talk about the game or any Halo game !

First, I'd like to give a small review of the game (I don't think this needs spoiler tags, I guess you've all more or less played Halo CE before,ain't it ? ).

I felt happy when getting the game, when I came back home I've installed Halo on the HDD(because it seems if you don't install it it'll not be at its best), then I landed on the familiar main menu and started the campaign in the Legendary mode (I have never finished any Halo game in legendary-shame on me- but I've played few levels in CE before).

What can I say ? The graphics, they're good, it's not as beautiful as GoW 3 but it's still a very good change (you can switch between the old graphics and recent ones).

Dialogs ? Well, they're the same as CE ones, nothing has changed, but I noticed (in the french version though, maybe it doesn't affect english versions) that the lip-sync isn't very good and sometimes dialogs are overlapping themselves (eg:Cortana says something but before she finishes she already started saying something else :s ).

It isn't a big issue though, just a statement I made.

About the gameplay. I first felt like I was controlling a fat dude, but that's normal, I haven't played CE for a while so the

movements are slower than in recent Halo games, I just had to be used to the moon-jump and slow movements and it was all fine.

Weapons are the same, they've changed sounds though, same thing for melee hits.

I also noticed some kind of lag during the cutscenes (and even once during the warthog scene in the Halo level) but it's not really bothering.

For now I like the game (what did you expect ? :P ), it's a pleasure to do the whole campaign with the new graphics (and directly in legendary, even if that means dying 10 times on a same spot because marines die too fast or rush knowing they're going to be killed by plasma nade :V ).

About the multiplayer, I obviously couldn't test it as the servers aren't on yet (plus it's Reach's gameplay, so...), I think the maps will be nice, and if you worried about things like "will my character from Reach keep his armor/helmets/etc ?" the answer is yes :)

So, feel free to say anything aoubt the game :V (and trolls, go out and play bf3/mw3 plskthxbai).



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We can also tell people here if they want to join coop games.

And @Nobana : I've sacrificed Skyrim for Halo, I had the same problem that is choosing a game among the new ones :o

Come on, aren't there more Halo fans ? :(

I used to be a Halo fan, but I couldn't be bothered for consoles anymore, PC all the way.

(Still buying for someone else though :3)

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