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Infected Wars Glitching

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First off, I love the mod. It's my favorite mod in fact. But the one thing that ruins it, glitching. The Humans do it all the time. You simply can't get to a lot of those places as infected so the humans stack on top of each other in a tower to get up. It's gotten so everyone does it! And with no Admins there is nothing to stop it. So please L4G, get some admins and enforce the rules so everyone can have fun.

(I presume this is because the maps were made for CS and not Infected Wars. I understand they will have glitches, but admins can kick or ban people who do effectively stopping it. As a final note, don't get annoying admins or ones that will also glitch. Votekick would also be nice, but a lot of times the whole team will do it.)

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But you can not be on all the time. How may admins are there for that server? You need to add more, but make sure they won't exploit themselves.

Clavus created an admin tool that can block certain places and saves it for later plays. So he doesn't need to be on all the time.

Good admins are hard to find.

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