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I'll have a screenshot up momentarily when the guy in my faction gets online

Yeah, this is getting a bit out of hand at this point. Not just this guy in particular(Who's had about 5 or 6 people complain about him combat logging already besides him admitting to using x-rays), but just about everyone on the server. I swear, the mentality has basaically turned into "do it if you can get away with it", and with all of the accusations going on right now it's almost a waste of time to report anyone, therefore making it even easier to get away with crap like this.

I'm calling out zombitch on this one because this actually has something to do with me, but he's a prime example. He kils a guy in my faction, logs before i can kill him, and then later when i'm in my base he logs back on and tried to get my friend banned for using x-rays. (which is also stupid, we use minecraft wiki alot and decided to employ the most complicated shaft system we could, which has yielded some decent results). and then in a few minutes, he's comlaining about some random guy combat logging in a situation tht doesn't have anything to do with him.


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