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Quick suggestion (vehicle colours)

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I think it would be a good move from an "encouraging-more-people-to-embrace-greencoins-and-hopefully-donate" standpoint to make all colourable vehicles the same or boringly similar dull grey/brown colour - for cars with 2 colours like the Bullet, make both colours the same too. (unless they've bought the car of course!)

Like I say I think this would encourage more people to care more about GC because the "bought" coloured cars would stand out even more than they do!

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This would suck major cock it would always leave atleast 60-80% of the cars on the server with a shit colour wich i don't think is that improving for the gameplay why you ask? because 60-80% of the players are to retarded or don't speak the language/have the knowledge on how to make the account or even make it to the forums!

And with costs 200+ vehicles costing around 500GC each would basically mean you'd have to make 100.000 GC just to paint your cars and get rid of shit colour!!!!

I dont want nor do ihave the time to set paintjobs on 200 cars lol....

Bad idea yo..

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I think you're wrong, I think there are enough customised cars to still make it look not shit.

and at the end of the day, people come to the server to race, not look at car colours.

I certainly don't think people would leave or not play on the server because of it.

Besides, it would be relatively simple to limit the random vehicle colour script so that all cars were equally dull shades of different hues.

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I have to say no to this one.

:( I am disappoint!

But seriously... I played a map yesterday which said you could change the colour of your Buffallo by pressing C... it didn't work though (something to do with the 1.1 & 1.1.1 updates which borked some scripts) and most cars were similarly coloured and shaded - as I predicted it didn't look boring or shit, and the custom coloured cars really stuck out! It made the seem all the more special!

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