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'Special' Items For Sale


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This is a topic for enchanted item sales. When we have high level items to spare, we will be offering them for trade.

Payment can be via TNT, Nether Warts or Wool. Bear in mind that TNT will be the cheapest, and wool will be highly expensive. But you can offer a combination of all.

It's worth asking if we need any other items, as we sometimes run low on stocks of other things.

Please do not make any silly offers - most items here will be level 40+ enchantments, and it takes time and effort to get items this high. Let alone the diamonds it cost to make them.

For safety, we will either trade at spawn, or either of our bases.

Please contact either myself or Corby in game or via pm to discuss a trade.


Diamond Sword: Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Sharpness IV.


Enchantment level: 50.

Diamond Pick: Fortune II, Unbreaking III, Efficiency III.


Enchantment level: 50

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This is also for sale, also the one everyone wants, "Silk Touch" pick axe, you can contact either me or awesomeo_5000 to discuss a trade as usual,


We accept payment mainly in TNT or Nether Warts.

Also, we no longer accept payments in diamonds!

Thanks, Corby

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I thought today would be the day I'd start my: "From Sky to Bedrock" Mob Grinder... Apparently, it was spent dealing with Jinrai and the noobs raging at me from raiding them earlier in the morning (i.e, Barbie). I'll make my Mob Grinder over the week, then stock up on the Creeper Dust [For TNT] hoping that you guys will still have that Fire Aspect II, Knockback II & Sharpness IV Diamond sword y'all have... Awesomeo - You still up for that 32 TNT for 64 Netherwarts trade?

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