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Ace Unlimited - Apple Pie

I don't know how many of you here listen to hip hop but here's a little something I did with my free time.

Hope you all enjoy, and if not, feel free to give your reasons. Peace!

(To listen, click on the song title or the image above)


[Verse 1]

Hello, this is Ace in here!

Yours ears are mine, the puppeteer

Having full control makes you unable to overhear

If you are having doubts about authority, I'll make it clear

Delivering this music, fuck Santa I'm the reindeer

Drunk off of whiskey, got my monocle and hardhat

I am not a junkie, but a high valued artifact

You can't give me bad taste, you sleepin with the fishes

On the milk carton, I'm the only thing that they are missing

Bounty hunter lookin for the sweetest chocolate

Or vanilla sex, as long as I don't need a forklift

I ain't got big feet but you can call me Mr. Monster

When Im battlin these rappers, all they end up with are coffins

Never too old, pop the bubble wrap

Your response is just a riot, I can't call it an attack

Mm, between the sheets, she sound like she's Beethoven

Turn up the heat, put those buns in the oven

Speaking from my mind, like a motherfuckin' alien

To these bitches' furnaces my dick is like uranium

Eighty eight keys, locksmithing level forty

Open gates for your ass, send you to the purgatory

[Verse 2]

Like a child waits for Christmas, I am waiting for my rise

Watch makers keep tellin me it's a matter of time

Speakers on max, shatter windows like a macbook

Peter North, just a slight reference to my third foot

Turn off the lights, we're alone in the dark

Call it true romance, Tarantino's gonna knock

Put up peace signs, saying "Please do not disturb!"

fucking with the angels, I'm doin Jesus work

Sniff all the Pepsi 'cause coke's mainstream

Rappers give me high fives, I'm switchin to their tag team

Haters go red, choke them 'til they blue

Im just kiddin, Photoshop the picture, fuckin with the hue

Juggle with my balls, she's an artist from the circus

No one's hurt, she's freelancing, there's no need for a purchase

Put on the make-up, turn invisible

Naked like a shitty student fuckin with the principal

Call up The Last Poets, tell them situation's hopeless

People do not notice how hip hop is a bogus

So it got me focused on the grind and pretty much all of the time

People tell me rap is shit but it's their mind that has declined

Everbody freezing up because they cold-hearted

My hand is moving faster than a comet on the orbit

The flow might be sick but please refrain the vomit

I ain't got enough cash to clean this twenty dollar carpet

You think I'm dumb huh? Well that's a shame

'Cause I make shit for fun, it's just a game, not the fame

Like a soul plane, we take off into the heights

Never gonna come down, floatin around like a kite

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So you made the songtext and rapped it? :o

I wrote the lyrics.

I rapped it.

I made the instrumental.


I dont ike hip hop at all, but this was listenable (if thats a word)

So congratulations to you good sir!

Thank you

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Ooo, ill listen to it later and say what I think :V love me some music tech

For my music course I've had to re-write Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You Out Of My Head, in the style of trip-hop haha.. Ill post it on here for you tomorrow to get some advice (I dont really listen to much hiphop stuff), its half done :D

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