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Gmod Contest! Contest 2: "Waiter, theres a ... in my soup".

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Gmod contest!

This is the first contest here on L4G. There was already one on Mr-green. So I thought, why not post here.

I'll make an example:

1. There is a scene in which this happens:

- "Waiter, there is a ... (make that) in my soup."

- *waiters reaction*

- Another scene, can be put away.

So like:

- "Waiter, theres a fly in my soup."

- *Waiter* NEDM!

- *ravebreak*


- Photoshop is allowed.

- Location can be anywhere.

- How great your posing is, is a +, but it's more about the joke.

- Porno is not allowed

- You may use everything that the Gmod engine supports.


1 Week. This thread will be rememberd by me till then.

Voting starts afther that, for 1-2 days.

Winner will be decleard "Champion of Gmod! Contest 2."

Previous winner was: Clavuselite, he won: Awesomeness.

Get Crackin!

This thread is ALSO on Mr-green. There will be only one winner. The poll decides. I'll post pictures of them afther the week is over, for you to vote.

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