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Zombie Survival Green Apocalypse 2 (About)

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Hmmm... so.

In this awesome subforum (thanks to Clavus) I'll add some stuff about updated Zombie Survival Green Apocalypse

Anyway let me describe whats going on:

Because our current version of zs is quite old even after updating it during whole year - I decided to give it a shot one more time and 'completely' remake it. My goal is to bring back feeling of good ol' zs by refreshing gameplay and making it more teamwork-based.

Some stuff is already done, some needs bugfixing and some still needs to be added

Main gameplay changes


Obliviously instead of surviving X minutes, humans need to survive X amount of waves (6 atm). Of course with each wave shit will be harder and more teamwork-nessesary.

Each wave will unlock more types of zombies, however infliction wont. So no more steamrolling as first zombie, unlocking poison zombies at the very beginning and such.

No more classes:

Screw the idea of changed classes that I posted before. Its hard to balace 5 freakin' classes at same time.

So now you are able to make your own class as you want.

Instead of classes I added global ranking system that includes gaining experience and unlocking higher ranks unlocks and perks.

To fit the new idea I changed current loadout system a bit:

*Primary slot (for primary weapons of course)

*Secondary slot

*Melee slot

*Tool 1 slot (this is where stuff gets real. You will be able to put hammer, turret, medkit and etc here)

*Tool 2 slot (for rare and different tools)

*Perk slot (I'll explain right now about this one)

As you remember each class had 4 (mostly unbalanced) perks that were permament.

Now you have an ability to choose 1 unlockable perk for human that fits more for your playstyle.

For example Kevlar that increases starting health up to 110, perk that Gives you more nails or make nails stronger, increased candies for turret and so on. Perks are easy to implement so expect a lot of them.

To get more tools/stuff and perks - you simply need to get a higher rank. To get a higher rank - you need to gain X amount of experience that you get for killing zombies, surviving waves, helping your teammates and of course (much more xp) for surviving a round.

So now when you join the server at the very beginning - you will see a bit different menu where you can customize your loadout what items that you've unlocked so far and this loadout will be saved each time you change it (need to add multiple loadout support tho). Also at the new menu you can see your progress and rank.

So actually here is the menu itselfs:


Weapons and ammo gaining:

This is gonna be more KF-style.

You still gain SkillPoints for killing zombies, helping teammates... and surviving waves

At the end of each wave Supply crate will appear in almost all possible locations for cading where you will be able to access SkillShop.

I rewrote infamous SkillShop so it should be better and more user friendly than before.

Prices are gonna be more friendly and also I added new feature that adds a chance for random discount for few randomly selected weapons (They will be permament whole round)

Also I removed restriction from weapons where you could buy them only at the certain stage of round and I greatly increased ammo pool for each weapon.

Here is SkillShop preview (current prices are temporary):


More info about two slots for tools:

Obliviously because I wanted more customization.

Tool 1 slot will include almost all common tools that you already know in current zs.

It will include: hammer, turret, medkit, ammo pack...

Tool 2 slot will include tools that you unlock later in the game, and mostly all of all tools are useful in combination with tools from first slot.

Instead of giving a list for all these tools - I will tell about few new toys in that some of you should really like.

New tools:


Slot: Tool 1

Avalaible: not so late in the game

More info:

This is actually the thing that some of you asked me to add as ability for hammer. However hammer was already overdosed with functions so I decided to make a separated not-nerfed tool as it could be.

Torch lets you repair the nails (not the props) at cost of your patience. It has ~60 clipsize that heals 2hp per one ammo unit + it recharges itselfs. Can be stacked with other player for better repairing rate.

Remote Controller

Slot: Tool 2

Avalaible: almost right after you unlock the turret

More info:

A nice tool for players who know how to properly use turret at 200%. Remote controller lets you to aim and shoot with your turret at your own will. Also it doubles the fire rate of turret to make it more efefctive and it lets you see amount of turret's ammo on your hud. However in cost of balance, turret wont be able to recharge ammunition when Remote Controller is active (you still can switch to other weapon and let the turret recharge ammo)

Other tools that still needs to be (re)done:

Medkit (upgraded version)

Some sort of claymores (almost as current c4 but without ability to place it on walls)

Pack of boards (for Tool 2 slot)

And maybe something else...

Some other gameplay changes:

I also imported few awesome things from usual ZS 2.0

Better propkills - if you hit a human with prop that has high velocity - human will be knocked down for few seconds

Knockdown from fall damage - just as above but when human take a lot of fall damage

Spectating as zombie between waves - planning to add sweet crows later

Wraith no longer can teleport - do I need to explain?

Enchanced dragging - you can drag heavy props and such

Nails no longer scale health - because you can reppair them. Average nail's health is ~400-460

And much more...

Some info about visual stuff:

First of all I changed everything to one dark'n'white style.

Also I still need to remake F4 menu with lots of useful options like: enabling light version of hud, disabling head-bobbing and more...

For humans I made a bit better clear HUD in 2 variations: Usual and Light Version

Usual version includes dark half-transparent backgrounds, Light version of HUD disables them, leaving only outlined text

Added clientside legs and also clientside hands that depends from your playermodel (however hands are bugged a bit and they force player to use left-handed ss models, so I need to add an option to disable them)

Quick screenshot of HUD (this is a Light version):


Also this HUD is scalable

Added a nice and clean scoreboard too.

Regarding shop, upgrades and some stuff:

Shop is still here but...

It will contain only hats (and possible IW-style suits) + Title Editor and possibly lady luck

Other upgrades will be refunded in some tools and really useful perks (and possibly suits when I will add them)

So you will be able to use these things right at rank 0.

Also same thing can happen for those who had high level classes.

At the end:

Well right now its done on hmm... 60-75% (31st December 2011)

And here is the point of this new sub-forum:

Proper discussing without turning everything into shitstorm (like-everyone-knows-who-I-am-talking-about)

And of course clean and proper suggestions.

Thats all for now, stay tuned and Happy New Year!


Small video by Pufulet that shows some stuff:

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