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GMod Community Map, CONTRIBUTE!

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Thought this would be a fun little experiment. Since most of us can map (even a little) in Source, this might actually not be such a bad idea.

The idea is that we start with an almost empty map .vmf file, after which a member can contribute a little to that map, after that someone else contributes, etc etc. Like someone build a little shed, someone else puts a few barrels outside, while another person dumps a small landscape behind it.

In order to let this community effort run a bit organized, there are a few rules:

* If you want to contribute, post LOCK and start editing. Once you're done, upload the new zipped .vmf and edit your post with the words UNLOCK.

* Don't start editing without posting a lock or someone else is editing it, or else your contribution will probably be ignored.

* If you have a lock, don't keep it for longer than 4 hours (unless you request permission to extend it) or your contribution will be ignored.

* Compiling is done in the Half-Life episode 2 engine. So make sure to use HL2 Ep.2 settings for Hammer.

* Don't use any custom textures. It'll just be a hassle to keep them all included.

* Don't make your changes too big. Don't change lightning too much etc.

* Don't delete work of previous contributors, unless it really sucked.

* You can edit work of previous contributors as long as it makes it better.

* Probably obvious: don't make shitty edits. Don't leave in leaks. Don't make it horribly unoptimized.


That's about it. If you fail to follow any of these rules, your contribution will be ignored.

I might add a few rules later if they're needed. For now, here's the starting .vmf:



This is all there is right now. Add stuff to it. Where does the small ramp go to? A house entrance? A large gap? Splits in a large array of walkways? Let your imagination run free. Don't expand the ground area or skybox just yet, let's see how we can fill up this space first. There's already a few entities in this map (light_environment, shadow_control, tonemap_control and a logic_auto). You can move them, just don't mess with their settings or delete them.

Useful mapping info:


Interlopers tutorials

FPSBanana tutorials

Optimization (READ THIS ONE OR DIE)

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Yarr next week when mah test week is over ;)

Also what kind of map is it going to be? construct or zs or mybe puzzle would be fun for events etc ^^ and easier to make if everyone makes 1 puzzle.

It can be anything right now. So mainly a showcase map without much gameplay purpose. If this community effort turns out nicely, we could try to target more specific things like making a Zombie Survival map.

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