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If you want to apply for admin, make ONE topic with the following information (you can always add more):






Country of origin:

Link to Steam Community profile *:

Discord name **:

In-game name:

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

* Only if you got Steam.

We require you to write in decent English too.

Other things we expect from our server admins: good sense of justice and a good sense of humour without screwing it up for other people. And last but not least: you need to be active on the server you're applying for of course.

If you think you're not fit, don't bother applying.

In case you did apply, please be patient, it might take a while for us to decide.

Admin candidates and admins must read and post on the forums and Discord chat often. We don't want admins who are inactive at the forums and/or on Discord.

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If you were rejected, don't start complaining or asking for reasons. We have our reasons, and we'll just ignore you if you're making a racket about it.

Main reasons we decline admin applications:

* Someone else was chosen in favor of that person.

* We haven't seen the person that much, or know him well enough

* We don't think the person's mature enough

* We don't think you behave very objective in required situations

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