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My admin application


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Gameserver: Mr.Green's Zombie Survival

Age: 16 (18/04/92)

Country of origin: England/Great Britain/United Kingdom etc (It has too many names).

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

I'm in college and i'm doing Maths, Physics, Medieval History and Computing. I enjoy playing ZS and i'd say I was one of the most active players on the server. I've been playing Mr.Green's server basically from as long as I can remember, i've just come back about 1-2 months ago from not playing for a year-ish I think. This as you can see gives me a good amount of experience and a wide range of knowledge on the server. I'm fairly well known and I like to help other people out and keep the server clean. My English is near perfect as you would expect from someone with their first language as English and i'm usually quite friendly with everyone and like to have a laugh with people. That's all I can think of, sorry if it's a long read. :P

Edit: Just like to say that i've had admin experience before on Gmod servers and on SAMP (San Andreas: Multiplayer).

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Another great Admin Application. Serious. I like serious.

EDIT: But waiiiit, 1 post...? Wtf?

Aye, i've been meaning to make an account for the past 1-2 months but I hadn't til today. I usually just play on the ZS server.

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I see you frequently on the server. can't tell how social you are, because i never spoke to you. I still think you will lose from some other very good applications.

my choice of zs admin:

1. Sneed

2. Deluvas

3. Zero

4. Donlan

5. Evolve [good player, but i actually don't see him as admin]

6/7/8 all the others i forgot

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