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Gameserver: Mr.Green zombie survival

Age: 15 soon 16 (Born 17th july 1993)

Country of origin: Sweden


Hello my real name is Marcus and i live and go to school in sweden.

I started playing on this zs server when i found it in my server browser in september last year and since that i have played everyday (except those day i were unable) for atleast a couple of hours.

I would describe myself as a friendly, caring and shy person who wants to help out the best i can for newcomers etc, also in zs i also tend to be quite eccentric (from my own point of view)

Now on to the case

These days when i play zs i find admins to be rare players who has little time to spend on the server.

And when there is 25 players + there is usually glitchers and persons with an extremely childish immature way of behaviour, those persons needs to be warned to keep their rage/problems for themselves instead of whining in the server chat.

If i got the honor to be a admin i would mainly attempt to keep the server free from Glitchers/Ragers (as i call the immature childs :P).

And i know where the line between troll's and Temporary Ragers are.

Well thats it folks thanks for reading and bearing with me, and let me know if i forgot something or did something Wtf :huh: ? in my text

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id think that you would be quite good as admin, i see you on the server whenever im on, but im now mostly on IW so i dont go on much :D

but you're well known which is also good, it means that players will know the admin, rather than a complete stranger

and you haz skillz :gmod:

my support goes to aiur



Facebook wasnt calling me anymore, so i could do then do this!

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