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John's Admin Application

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Ahoy everyone! ..I probably speak normal for now. Ahem.

Hello everyone. My name is Johnathan Pewtershmitz. That's Captain Johnathan Pewtershmitz for you...

Anyway. I once was a normal pirate living an ordinary pirate life.. you know. Rum; Sinking ships.. The usual.

But then.. Zombies invaded, and since then I've been using all my gunpowder to defeat the evil of the undead.

So I was on me usual spot on Mr. Green's Server today when suddenly I noticed something about Admin Applications and so I decided to post.

I'm interested in being an admin for the following reasons; I'm not looking for absolute power or B& Hammer Commands, I'm interested in it because I wish to make Mr. Green get even better as every day goes by. Helping people, making friends and moderating for a good cause. So that the server continues up and running.

I know that I probably haven't got many chances of becoming an admin, but still I think I should show my support by giving it a shot.

Carrying on, here's some information about myself that I think would raise the consideration of my application:

I'm currently a 18 years old, studying Advanced Technology (I think that's what it's called at least.. It involves modern technology such as computers, appliances, etc). I'm active around 9 / 24 hours on Zombie Survival and 11/12 hours on Steam.

I'm a huge fan of zombie and zombi-ism itself, making me somewhat crazy and semi-obsessed by zombies (so as I have been told, heheh). I'm a friendly person with a great sense of humor.. That's why I don't have many enemys. When I can, I help people that need support. I also script and do some graphic designs (After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, etc) on my spare time.

And that's about it,

I'm pretty sure that whoever is picked as an admin will be a good choice, that (s)he will have a great sense of justice and that (s)he enjoys the opportunity. Also that person will have my full support.

Feel free to ask me anything, but until then.. I will be on me ship! Arrr! Fighting hordes of zombies! Join me at Mr. Green Survival!


This is just something I forgot along with my info..

Gameserver: Zombie Survival

Age: 18

Country of origin: Portugal

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin: Reasons posted above.

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