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Why was i banned!?!?


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Clavus, I don't get it, how can you say I x-ray without a reason. If I'm being banned, I just want to know why I was banned, and who reported me. Please tell me this or unban me. I have been on this server since 1.7, okay? I don't feel like wasting 2 years of my life on this server, and the being banned for no reason.

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Clavus, it's not very fair if you look at this logically. I have done nothing wrong, you just THINK that I did something wrong. You have no evidence to support your claim.

Clavus doesnt need to explain being fair nor does he need to explain his evidence, he hasnt reversed one of these xray bans so yours will not be the exception. Regular player or not youve been caught out by our new methods.

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