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  1. ciken

    Why still have Gamemode 3

    No. The ban was permanent. You wanted gamemode spectator which I agreed to give you. Closing this thread.
  2. ciken

    Recording minecraft?

    Very helpful You might want to look at the date of the thread for next time though
  3. ciken

    I should get Unban in Mcserver mrgreen

    Firstly, I will ignore the fact that you did not follow the template or instructions to be found here: (especially because the post was moved here) Secondly, your appeal is denied. The reason being that when you first applied to be whitelisted for the server you agreed to follow the rules. One of which were to never grief anyone. Enforcing this rule strictly is required to be able to maintain the kind of trust between players that we have on the server. If we let you back in, your previous history on the server will make other players scared that you might grief their items too. In addition it will signal to others that griefing is not as big of a deal anymore. Long story short, we don't want any griefers on the server what-so-ever and by griefing multiple times (even after warnings) you showed us that you just can't help yourself in that regard. Maybe you will be unbanned at a later date. As I told you multiple times if you stop asking me (or anyone else) about it, I might consider it in the future. Playing on our Minecraft server is a privilege granted to those who follow the guidelines and not a right. You gave that privilege up when you decided to grief. Do not make another thread about this.
  4. I can see how you think it's unfair, because it could be argued that @hulpje was not completely innocent either in this particular scenario, however the reason why you got muted and not him has more to do with how you have acted previously towards him as shown in the comment from @Haxardous. I do want to be absolutely clear that we do not normally extend a punishment from an appeal, so I think it is unnecessary from you to make such a negative assumption on us. When it comes to whether we have thought of "making peace" between members in a dispute, it is not our job to act as kindergarten teachers to work out pointless arguments. - It is expected that you can keep the peace among yourselves like adults. Then if you don't then honestly that's on you. Appeal denied. -Locking this thread.
  5. ciken

    Minecraft Survival Whitelist Requests

    I verified that the username you sent is in the whitelist. Could you elaborate?
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