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  1. HaRCoR7

    Mr. Green Merchandise

    Hi, amazing idea! I'd love some Mr. Green merch myself! I'll also take a shot in designing everything from hoodies to phone cases, I'll post my work soon!
  2. HaRCoR7

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Go ahead, ban me for "provoking". See? You're the only one going with this shit, we're having a discussion here, now you want to ban me because you, out of everyone, don't like what I say the most.
  3. HaRCoR7

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    The only excuse is that they're old? You read nothing then. And no I'm not angry at all lol, It's just difficult for me arguing with people like you..
  4. HaRCoR7

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Countless times, but why are you still targeting me? I'm not pointing at you there, why did you bother yourself to reply? I'm pointing out CORRUPT admins, you're the first to reply, are you one of them? It's good to know what you are, and what you're doing, it's bad not to change it. You don't care about the banned players? You have nothing to do here, you can asslick elsewhere, PM's, In-game, anywhere. We're having an open discussion about what's GOING ON in Mr. Green NOWADAYS, you haven't been there for a while, you don't know what's going on, better not pinch your nose in.
  5. HaRCoR7

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Who are you and what the fuck are you talking about? You can't just come from nowhere and pretend to be involved in a series of proceedings with a timeline that goes back a year, and just throw your senseless opinion on it. Saying that you don't KNOW what happened, you DON'T PLAY the game, and you bring up Counter Strike jailbreak and god knows what you're on about? Please, if you got anything that makes SENSE and IS relevant to the topic context say it, otherwise please don't bother yourself replying furthermore.. Plus, any staff is not FLAWLESS, some individuals do things without thinking twice for the sake of the community, 90% of the bans on Mr. Green are just nothing but an act of arrogance from the corresponding admin, a satisfaction for his dirty ego. Thus why I made this topic, because corruption exists in this community, and someone has to put an end to it, and state new strict rules for dealing with players of all kinds, you don't ban a player just for calling you a "noob", like seriously how dumb can you be?
  6. HaRCoR7

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    SkyNET, I think you should step aside, you're only repeating yourself over and over.. You've also got a bloody past behind you and you're still going with it, from doing what you've been always doing, stop acting like you're the boss and you can do whatever you want to do without consequences, from banning/muting/kicking players for doing absolutely nothing. Look at all the reports, they're all facing you. You tend to ban players for absolutely idiotic reasons, you like that don't you? Even if someone just replies to one of your dumb statements, you ban them just for replying! After digging in your posts, I found out that you've been a victim of talking shit, swearing at and insulting other players, you've been muted several times. Now you're an admin, what happened? You're doing to others what have been done to you! Tables have turned.. Why don't you just ignore everything any player has to say and enjoy the game? Will it be that hard for you not to show-off your knockoff poor charismatic personality and ban players? If so, you've got problems, and I feel pretty bad for you, pity. x o
  7. HaRCoR7

    Addressing the Corruption in Mr. Green

    Sandy or anyone else trolls? What if everyone just ignores him? Mentally or just using the /ignore command if you're easily triggered and can't obtain yourself from unleashing a super-ban on him! I like players who throw unnecessary jokes and statements in chat, they make the game way more fun, I always have a laugh or two whenever they're around, they make the game more fun! Now, Mr. Green has some optional functionalities for players that easily get butt-hurt from such situations, you feel like Sandy took it too far with a statement involving your country? Maybe a racist joke he liked? Well, choose, either ignore him or report him, it doesn't have to be a mute unless he continues and EVERYONE is bothered by him, however if ONLY a person is bothered by another person, you can't mute him, you only get to ignore him! I'm not pointing out to any admin or staff in the community, I'm talking about the corruption itself within the community, so you have absolutely no reason to be bothered by my way of talking! I can't tell if you're arrogant, or you're trying to act like one... Are you really that old as it states in your profile? Because by reading your own words, I can see a hurt little boy being triggered by online trolls for "provoking him" lol.. I sincerely think the solution is that you and your look-a-likes grow up a little, and take nothing serious from the game, it's a game after all and it's meant to be fun. If you think you can call anyone a "faggot", why don't you don't think other players can call you similar stuff? You're doing the same thing, only because you have rights to mute them and they don't? Why can't they do and talk the way you come at them? Common sense isn't it?
  8. So after seeing what is going on in the community for a while, I have something to say, mainly about bans and poor admin behavior. I post this to protest for Ras, SandySweet, and anyone ever banned from Mr. Green. Why are you guys doing this?! This makes me really sad seeing the most old, entertaining and cool community members being banned after playing and being loyal to greens for years!!! for the worst idiotic reasons ever!! Come on, you are killing the community with this shit! SandySweet, a loyal and a very old community member that played on Mr. Green for more than 7 years was banned just because some dumb brainless admins are triggered by "noob" and "stupid" and ban for provoking, are you really that dumb? provoking?! And all other bans for people just for talking shit in chat, how can you be serious towards people who talk shit in a completely non-serious game? Why can't you just ignore and move the fuck on? The situation is out of control? A temporarily mute will solve your problem, even if for the third time! You don't ban players, especially community players that have been around since day one, just to satisfy your ego! An admin doesn't like a player? Better not ban him you dick, either ignore him or TEMPORARILY mute him if you're too sensitive, and he might hurt your feelings over an online-game's chat. This is a game for gods sake, it's meant to be fun, and you'll meet all kinds of people; funny and sarcastic, loud and bad mouthers, talkative and silent people. All of them is what makes this community so great and extremely fun! Ban players only if they do real legit damage to the community and it's servers, whether it's hacking any property of Mr. Green, or using ACTUAL hacks and cheats for advantages in gameplay! Are you so bothered that Ras is 1% faster than you on a straight GOING-DOWN map? How dumb could one get? Not like he's emptied room for you guys to set toptimes on the server, that would be real advantage if it is CONFIRMED that he uses some kind of hacks! But you tell me, 5 maps 2 toptimes is worth banning a player that's been around for years? And is active more than any of you? Also gives the server laughs and chills with his extremely sarcastic and fun way of talking that he does? I find this person genius and funny, and I admit I tend to play more on greens when he's around! Plus, he might be innocent of all this, I mean who would risk fucking up his PC for speed advantage in a MTA:SA map? This is a bug in MTA that's been around for years, ever since I started playing back in 2007, shit happens sometimes and a player can go 0.87% faster than you on a 3km long drag race, such a big deal! He has one or two toptimes that you think are not fair? Delete them, not the player! Trust me I played with them for tens of hours, and their primary intention is not shooting all of your toptimes down, not even on straight going down maps, no! They just like to have fun like we do.. Now, you, the admin that is doing all of this, do you have any idea what are you doing? You're killing the entire community one by one, just to show-off your amazing superpower capability of banning other players and ruining all the fun! I think people like those admins should be perma-revoked until he behaves accordingly. Being an admin doesn't mean you can do anything, there should be strict rules and limits, you should never ban anyone just for feeding up your scummy ego. Also, think about it, it's not the toptimes that make greens great and alive, it's the players, the community, people who have been around for years now, and if this is how green stays, the end will be very soon, unless something is done about it. I'm pointing at the top staff, because the people they chose to take care of the server, are doing the exact opposite. You want my opinion? Let there be new rules, new systems, and take protests and ban appeals more seriously. If you want this community to live on, lift all of the bans, make it a fresh start, treat players accordingly, bad behavior? Temp mute! Player insults player? OR you have a laugh at it and move on, or you /IGNORE him because that's what this command is made for! Player talks shit to admin? No, you don't ban him, you do the same because you're no different you fuck, either ignore or laugh. (gets too serious? temp mute!). Let's have a fresh start for the sake of this community, I'm really worried because I love being around greens, and I want to help make it greater, not the opposite. It's time for you to step in, sleeping top-staff.
  9. HaRCoR7

    Mr. Green Youtube channel

    My bad, here you go!
  10. HaRCoR7

    Mr. Green Youtube channel

    Thanks for your opinions, here's one for the channel's profile picture as well! (800x800) Green ftw!
  11. HaRCoR7

    Mr. Green Youtube channel

    Hi, if you've got other ideas in mind, let me know! YouTube Banner(2560x423): I also made some thumbnails to be used on the channel, since pitch black is ugly! MTA:SA(1280x720) GMOD(1280x720) ETS2(1280x720) GTA:V(1280x720) For more requests, I'd be glad to help!
  12. HaRCoR7

    Mr. Green Youtube channel

    I'd be glad to help!
  13. HaRCoR7

    Screenshot + Video Thread

    Looking good!
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