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Why you keep on disbanding my faction?


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I AM HAVING EXACTLY THE SAME, for no reason , and if corby can't explain that reason, I want him to pay every piece which he stole from us back. The end portal (now claimed by another faction which stole our name) , the dragon egg.

EDIT: I just received more activity from this, defience (cobblebock) is disbanded too for no reason, and they got griefed too & so did more factions.

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There was no backup as I understand it, with the server being so fresh. The way to get it back? Reform, reclaim, and destroy anyone that over claimed you.

It does honestly suck. We've only just managed to get our land back cause of power, but we can't get our portal back. The annoying thing is the people raiding, not exactly fair to those who were offline but, there's nothing to do :(

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I know, sorry. Faction data was corrupt in such a way that it reset itself EVERY server restart (never had that before), but that's fixed now. And yeah, shit got lost again and I'm strangling a puppy now. Minecraft and Bukkit can go suck a donkey dick.

I swear to god I won't let this happen again... this month?.

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