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I have a feeling people still use x-ray


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I just made a nether wart farm 10 minutes ago (I was cloaked) and after 3 minutes I saw one guy who was trying to steal it (Cant remember his name). So I killed him and I went back home and I came back to nether to see salliber10 in full diamond armour taking the warts. Either people are using some sort of an undetectable x-ray or they are using x-ray texture packs.

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A couple of the factions have been bypassing it, don't want to give everyone the details but it's pretty straight forward for larger factions. They're the same guys you saw (and will always see) at the beginning of the map in full diamond.

It's good when you do kill them though, cause free diamond loots for you :)

I have been bypassing it, and now I will exploit it to ze world! :V

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