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Fishy business


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this is my first time on forum, best regards to you all.

Anyway I came here about some fishy business about one user on the server.

The user : C4k3z0r437

This user claimed in the server that he got a whole stack of diamond from a "nearby walking guy" who he called an X-rayer, so he killed this guy and took his whole diamond stack.

Anyways I do not want to be too much smart BUT :

- doesn't it seem fair that illegaly acquired goods ( x - ray ) shouldn't change owners, even if the so called user killed this guy who had them in inventory.

Not only does this unbalance the game ( We are allmost all on Iron armour ), but its rather unfair that this player owns these diamonds.

I am not accusing anyone of x-raying, but I really don't see "guys with full pockets of diamonds" going around, waiting to be killed every day. So anyways, maybe its a thing the admin should look into.

Yours sincerely,


P.S.: Clavus thanks for the time you spend with us freaks. :)


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I can assure you c4k3z0r437 did not kill Clavus or any admin that was carrying diamonds. He obviously X-Rayed all of these diamonds and the Server Logs dont lie.

Thats what I thought too.

And thats why I said, that " I don't really stubmle upon people who have pockets full of diamonds " walking around unarmed waiting to be killed .

Anyways, yes I know theres an X-Ray defence system plugin, but someone should leave room for the option, that somebody can overdo this plugin.

Anyways whatever the admin decides, I will respect, after all you pay.

Btw: Hello shock :)


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