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Dr.Minky's Admin Application


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Gameserver: The TF2 Servers (Payload and Arena)

Age: 17

Country of origin: England

Link to Steam Community profile: STEAM_0:1:35845173

Steam name: [PS] Dr.Minky

Little something about your self and why you think you're fit to be admin:

I'm applying for admin because of the apparent demand for more active admins on the server from the recent server upgrade thread, as I feel I would be a good choice to be part of the admin team for this particular server.

The reason why I say this is that I extremely enjoy playing Payload on TF2, so as of the update any time I play TF2 it is on the L4G server, (which is pretty much any time I'm gaming). I haven't been hugely active on the L4G servers for obvious reasons, but the very fact I was wanting to contribute in getting players back onto the server shows I am committed to it. The combination of this and the fact that I am very active on IRC and the forums is why I believe I would be good for the role, as I appreciate that on a servers like the TF2 ones, the role is to: purely mute abusive people on the server appropriately, ban hackers and scramble teams when appropriate and no more. It just seems convenient for a committed and regular player such as myself to do that, knowing that it won't affect my attitude and performance on the server. In all honesty, I really just enjoy helping out with things..

I like to think that I am friends with a good number of people on L4G already, even after such a short time on the forums in comparison to you veterans (and like to think that I am liked back? :frog:). I would hope that you have trust in knowing that I am friendly and polite to players on the server without looking like an ass, and generally try and bring in more players and encourage the team to keep the games fresh and exciting - something I already do regardless. I'm also an extremely motivated person, who is always striving to help improve things and give everyone a better experience (you probably already know this. I was even the one who suggested the TF2 restructure) so being an admin on the server I could also talk to people and think of ways to improve the servers that L4G is running even more to bring in more players - and maybe even host more events as we were planning to do with the L4G civil war! (if thats wanted)

I don't feel I should say any more, I tend to go on and I've been here long enough for you to judge my character and the level of maturity I treat matters like this anyway,

Also, good luck to Balmung! Hopefully we can both get accepted :V

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