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Hi, Im Joe Corby (full name)

Gameserver: Mr Greens zombie server garys mod

Age: 18

Country of origin: England

Brief Intro

Why am I fit to be admin. I'd say I'm a very active person, I spend alot of the time on the PC (sadly). Ingame I guess theres a few times where I've been around and noticed hackers but no admin. Of course I've reported them always. Alot of the regular server players know me and would probably agree that I would be fit for the job, I know a couple of the admins/ex-admins on a good level too. I'm a very friendly person, always looking to talk to new people. Im a happy, polite person that understands the meaning of fair-play and would be happy to always enforce it. Im sure that if you ask robo he can explain to you alot more about me if you are massively interested. We've been friends over the server for a long time I'd say.

Experiences of leadership on the internet:

Well I have some pretty amazing qualifications leadership wise. I'm currently admin of a site that has just reached 134,000 members. My role as admin is also a team-leader. I manage a team of hard-working moderators who take care of the gaming forum. Although the site itself. GameCheetah.com is a hacking related website. I can assure you I have no intention of ever hacking any games. I am simply an admin of the website. You can check it out and message me for proof of being an admin. My username on gamecheetah.com is "Joe"

Also I currently run a private-server solely coded by myself for maplestory. Which has over 200 members and I have to manage as a Game Moderator on the server banning hackers etc. When the peak of online people is 100 and minimum 30 at a time.

I have many other qualifications that would be decent to mention, but if you are interested in taking me on further, I'm sure I can explain them all in great detail too.

Thanks for reading this.

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