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====== ScrapYard ======

Another nice ZS quality map by me.

=== Map Features ===

- 1 Health charger.

- 1 Deadly trap.

- Blocked zombie spawn (avoid spawnkilling by humans).

- Some health vials around the map.

- Both ground and air nodes everywhere.

- And more...






Note: The map might be a bit of FPS down on the humans spawn due to low pc specifications. But thats not everywhere.

I hope you like the map.


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Looks like a great map, ignore what sneed said we need less props..... today Aiur shot a prop at me i jumped over it, hit the person behind me and i was laughing so hard but then the person aiur killed shot a prop at me from behind and killed me.

/me is a master prop hater.

P.S. Sneed love the signature

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BloodGuard I think my epic wooden cabin clears out this problem. Since I have made a small phys explosion and when that happens the wooden cabin explodes on small pieces. That will give you alot of launchable props.

EDIT: And yes there are props outside.

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Great map yet again. But there's one major flaw:


That's 1024x768 (although windowed) on a quad-core, HD4850 powered machine. 21 fps is just unacceptable with that (my lowest when rendering whole zs_stormier_v1 is 50 fps). I suggest you cut down on the props, maybe even take away the whole central building and turn it into one brush, and remove one of the small water lakes.

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No lagg here... I do have some minor fps drops though, around 50.

Depends on where you stand. I took a position in which I could practically see the whole map. Plus, if I get lower than 50 fps it means people with slower computers (which are the vast majority) will not be able to play properly.

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There is only 1 spot where the fps goes down and thats the human spawn (i dont think ppls are going to camp on their spawn.) The water texture is ep2 water_riverbed_3 or something like that.

I bought a new pc a month ago so I played almost all my maps with 20-25 fps and that was pretty playable.

Only 1 map was impossible to play on. That was zs_storm_v1 (compile with ep2 engine) believe it or not i had 2-5 FPS (with 1 word, screenshots)

This map cannot be perfectly optimized but i think its pretty playable.

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