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Good afternoon everyone, I just wanted to take the time to explain why we need a /tpspawn command. Currently on the server there is no such command to teleport players to spawn, as there is for /f home. While my problem isn't exactly with the fact that one does not exist, the thing is it is possible to travel to spawn by opening a second minecraft and logging into the server. This disconnects the first client and drops the player right off at spawn on the other. If we're going to be able to do that, why not make it easier and just add a spawn command? If not, maybe there's a way to fix this glitch? Just wondering what you all think, I know it's something I've seen work for other servers and it would encourage more PvP around a central location.

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It's better that Jeb or whomever just fixes Minecraft instead of us adding yet another teleport command that can be used to chicken out of fights.

Alternatively you could link the teleportation to factions which disables teleportation on enemy territory - Then you could also add time 'till you port.

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I effing hate 'spawn PVP' all people ever do, is talk big whilst standing in a safezone, run out as soon as they start losing enderpearl back into the safe zone. It's the single, most annoying tactic anyone has used in the history of human conflict, ever.

That being said, there are already teleporters that take you to and from spawn. If you're someone that likes to go to spawn a lot, build your base near one of them. IMO, the whole spawn warp thing would be a lot of work for little reward. It's just a crater. Not a great deal to be done there except use the teleporters.

If it was implemented, it should be a GC perk.

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