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21 Reasons Why the Map Reset is a Good Thing

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I'm tired of the complaining I see every time I log into the game. LRG is one of the strongest factions, and I'm going to lose a lot of items in the reset. Who cares, it's going to be fun.

1. Fresh and clean biomes

2. Brand new NPC villages

3. Less X-ray holes to fall in

4. Trees that actually have trunks

5. No 1x1 towers

6. Every faction is equal

7. The End will not be controlled like a Russian prostitution ring

8. Diamond armor will be good again

9. People cannot spam potions in your face

10. New spawn

11. There will actually be ore in the ground

12. New places to explore

13. Possibility of less ocean biomes (fingers crossed)

14. New factions have a fighting chance

15. Nobody will have TNT (unless they buy it)

16. No ruins

17. No lava mountains

18. Obsidian will not be as common as dirt

19. It will be easy to raid

20. Minecraft 1.3 will have pyramids!

21. Clavus said so.

Feel free to add your own reasons why you're excited for the reset. And for the haters: http://i.qkme.me/1tdv.jpg

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Great reason! Though I dont't completely agree. However, what makes you think the next map wont get these things within a week of it starting. If we are restarting to fix what you have posted, then we will have to restart 4 times a months to keep it consistent.

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i don't play minecraft but from the reports i can see that it's totally meh. when you get many people that can barely spell complaining about retarded shit, you know something's wrong.

change is always usually good, and this seems like a couple of reasonable compromises.

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Back when I was a young lass nobody wanted to map reset But everyone begs for a map change every 5 minutes with faction wars. The only real reason for needing a reset is to replenish resources, otherwise Just wait until 1.3 where we definatley get a reset.

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I like everything but losing the ruins :( Honestly I think a really fun part of PVP is occupying old factions' lands.

And yeah, I'm interested to see what factions end up being powerful this time around.

Does the faction data(members specifically) reset as well?



you guys aint right about anythinga a fresh map would mean that all ppl have a chance to start a faction and claim some land because theres so many fags running around and claiming ur faction now.. so it would be nice with a new map and i might not be the only 1 ive been talking on thé mc server theres like 34 ppl or more that wants a new map... the other wont because they are **** that have spend thier life on a base

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You seem to have taken my enthusiasm the wrong way. I wasn't advocating a map reset because, to put it simply, I don't want to lose all my items and my obsidian skybase. However, if it's going to happen we might as well embrace it and be happy. That's all I was trying to say in the first place.

Also, please for the love of god install that tree plugin awesomeo mentioned.

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The whole tree thing annoys me more than it probably should. I like things to look clean in minecraft, not all these weird green cloud like things.

Would we be able to install treecapitator Clavus? Or a some sort of plug in that sets an auto decay on the wood if its not connected to the ground?

If this is added, possible builds with wood would be impossible.

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The powerful factions normally stay the same as the last map with a few exceptions. Maybe like 2 new factions come along and make a name for themselves.

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I don't play MC anymore, but I still think you people should wait till 1.3 comes out. Because if (IF) map gets reseted now, and 1.3 comes, some of the players, if not the most of them, will want map reset because of possible new features. Besides, it has been like this so far and it has worked fine.


These aren't permanent solutions, but it will be nice for a few days.

And Juan, for you.


Do I spot a brony?

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The powerful factions normally stay the same as the last map with a few exceptions. Maybe like 2 new factions come along and make a name for themselves.

One of those was (probably) us lol. . .though I may be speaking too soon XD

@Gunslinger: Dude I'm all for the map change, it gives us a chance to dick around for a few days giving out diamond armor to travellers.

Besides, I'm tired of digging under the same damn mountain -_-

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